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Taking A Cruise: The Perfect Getaway

A cruise is a great way to see multiple destinations in a single trip. It contains so many fun things to see and do onboard, There is truly something for everyone. For this reason, Many consider taking a cruise as the ultimate vacation experience.
Awesome Dealz is located in Houston, Texas and always has a variety of great Cruise Special offers to choose from. They are updated weekly and all have up to 80% Discounts.
With our advanced search technology, you can browse all of the major cruise lines and compare their prices.
There are a large selection of trips available at any given time and these special offers may be enjoyed wherever you may be.

One popular departure location is in Galveston,Texas. It is approximately a 54 minute drive from downtown Houston and well worth the trip. Simply take I-45 South and you can’t miss it.

Make Sure That You Have All Of The Required Documents Prior To Making Reservations

It is important to note that a U.S. Passport is required for any Cruise which will involve entering international waters. In fact, The requirements are exactly the same as when travelling by plane in most cases. There might be a few exceptions, Depending on your destination and where your ship will port. However, It is always best to make sure beforehand.

How To Find Out If a passport Is Required

Your most reliable source of accurate information will be the official website. Simply visit: or call: 1-877-487-2778 / 1-888-874-7793 (TTTY/TTD). Another way to find out is to ask your ship’s Caption. They are always very friendly, Knowledgable and more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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You Can Expect The Very Best In Fun And Entertainment

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From the very first moment that you are aboard one of these beautiful ships, You are treated like royalty. All of the ship’s staff go out of their way to assist if you need anything and also make sure that you have a great time.
These Cruise ships are huge and being aboard one feels as if you are actually in a small city. There are many things to explore, Such as shows, Live music concerts, Stand up comedy, You name it.

For those who enjoy the nightlife, There are Several nightclubs to choose from which feature dancing and The very best in live music of every style imagionable, provided by well known entertainers. These Clubs are open for the entire night and the nonstop party continues until dawn.

Ready To Try Your Luck? Give Your Favorite Slots A Spin

images 25 - Book Your Perfect Cruise Today With Up To 80% Discounts For You Next Vacation Getaway

Most Cruise ships also have Casinos onboard where you can enjoy all of the same games which can be found in a land Casino.
They’re usually packed with players enjoying all of the hottest table games such as Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Craps and more. There are even Roulette tables.
If you enjoy slot machines, There are both tradional reel as well as the newest cutting edge video slots, Even video poker. If you enjoy gaming, You are sure to find many of your favorites onboad. These Casinos ar typically open 24 hours.

These are only a few forms of entertainment that can found while on a Cruise. There are many other options as well such as fitness gyms, jogging, spas and . There’s no better way to relax and unwind than enjoying a nice massage

You can enjoy a nice swim or just relaxing by the poolside

Of course everyone knows there’s swimming available but did you know that these cruise ships have several pools to choose from?
Some also have large spiral shaped waterslides attached, Which makes for a fun time for the kids.

World Class Dining, Whether You Prefer That It’s Casual Or Formal

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One other great feature is the huge selection of places to eat. Aboard these amazing Cruise ships, There is a restaurant which serves whatever type of you’re in the mood for.
Whether you are in the mood for formal dining and wish to enjoy the finest cuisine prepared by world class chefs, Or you have a late night craving for pizza and other fast food, It’s all being served, Often with several choices for each.

As you you can see, Taking a cruise vacation is a wonderful escape from the everyday. It is indeed a great way to just relax and renew oneself.

We Have Taken All Of The Guesswork Out Of Planning Your Ultimate Vacation

When you book through us, Your vacation has already begun. Because we have taken care of all the price negotiations on your behalf, You can actually relax, Knowing you will receive the best deal and that your dream cruise is only a few clicks away…

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