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Why the Philippines is my favorite destination

Every once and awile, You visit a destination that you will want to return to again and again. For me, Philippines is such a place. Featuring more than 7000 islands to explore, The fun and is never ending.

From the moment one first exits their flight, They are greeted by warm and friendly smiles. This welcoming atmosphere is truly refreshing and quite different than any other place I have visited.

In the heart of Manila is Ninoy Aquino international airport. It’s one of the largest and busiest airports in the country. Since Manila is the capital of the Philippines, It is a popular destination for many business travelers. It’s not unusual to occasionally see a Government official, political figure or even a celebrity making their way through the crowd.

Great and Nice hotels, All affordably priced

In manila, You will find many places to eat and interesting foods to enjoy. Everything from fine dining with superb cuisine prepared by world class chefs, To small family owned resturants and fast food.With so many places to choose from,There’s truly something for everyone and so many opportunities to experience the flavor of the Philippines. The prices vary but are still quite affordable.

A couple of my favorite Filipino foods

adobo - Whether Your Chosen Destination Is Manila or Cebu City, It's More Fun In The Philippines!

Adobo Chicken, As shown here, Is a very popular dish among both Filipinos and tourists alike and for good reason. Though it is a common everyday dish among locals, Especially those living in the province, Adobo Chicken continues to be a known favorite that is served often at family gatherings and other special occasions.

Below, We have another traditional favorite which is called Crispy Pata. This is a very tasty dish made of marinated pork which has been deep fried. Unlike adobo, It requires more time to prepare but it is quite tasty and well worth the wait. Like most other dishes here, Both come with vegetables and of course include a generous serving of rice.

Crispy Pata 252f21f4ed3051 1024x749 - Whether Your Chosen Destination Is Manila or Cebu City, It's More Fun In The Philippines!

Cebu city, A favorite place among both travellers and locals alike

The other most popular airport is Mactan Cebu international Airport, Which is located in Lapu Lapu.
This airport is actually the one that I prefer
when visiting Philippines. It was recently remodeled and now features an air conditioned waiting area, Many places to eat and its own currency exchange, Which is quite convenient. Mactan is actually fairly small and is usually known by most travellers because of it’s airport. However, This island has quite alot to offer. Though the population is not as large as in some of the metropolitan areas, It has quite an array of Restaurants to choose from, As well as plenty of 5 star hotels and resorts. There are also several beaches to explore and many are within walking distance from really nice, Affordably-priced hotels.

If you decide to venture into nearby Cebu city, No problem.It is only about a 20 minute ride and there are always plenty of taxis available.

My favorite hotel when I’m In Cebu City

nik lanus 41808 unsplash 300x200 - Whether Your Chosen Destination Is Manila or Cebu City, It's More Fun In The Philippines!

There are many hotels to choose from and many are within walking distance of resturants, malls and other places of intrest. They too vary in price and quality but on the most part, They are usually very affordable. For example, There are many hotels with basic amenities that begin at around $15.00 per night. Even five star hotels are not expensive here. There are so many to choose from, Finding reasonably priced accommodation is never a problem. Click Here to receive 80% Discounts

Cebu is a Historic city which has a fairly large population. For the tourist who enjoys the action of a city that never sleeps, Downtown Cebu is the place to be.For example, Well known “Mango Square” is always jumping with action every weekend. Here, Huge crowds of both local and tourists alike enjoy Street parties with live music and dancing that go on literally nonstop from dusk to dawn.

If you’re like me and sometimes prefer to take a break from all of the action, Here’s a much quieter part of town that you might want to check out. It’s a distance from noisy Culon District but still a major part of Cebu, Which allows access to many fun things to explore. Conveniently located in Capital District is Gran Tierra Suites.This semi-budget hotel has quite a few amenities and has indeed become one of my favorite places to stay.
Apart from it’s excellent accommodations and Friendly staff, What I like most about this Quality Hotel is it’s location. It is situated near several hospitals, Such as Cebu Doctor’s Hospital and Chong Hua Hospital. It is also near popular Fuente Osmeña Circle.

Of course, One does not have to sacrifice comfort in order to find great bargains.
Check out these budgeting tips. They will allow you to enjoy a great vacation without overspending and improve one’s quality of life in general.

Ayala center: A great place to unwind


Only a 5-10 minute taxi ride is needed to reach SM Mall and also famous Ayala Center. Ayala Mall is actually my favorite place to visit when I am in Cebu City. not only does it provide a great experience, There are many other fun things to enjoy.If you’re wanting a break from the busy city, There is a huge courtyard, Which is beautifully landscaped and surrounded by plenty of trees and Flowers. I always enjoy taking a nice stroll there in the mornings.

A good place for Japanese food while in Cebu

Ayala center has a nice selection of places to eat. Everything from fast food, handmade pizza as well as more traditional dishes are available. My favorite is a Japanese restaurant by the name of “The Red Kimono.” It is located in the Terreces. This is a section of many restaurants with patio dining. Here, One can enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the beauty and fresh air of outdoors.

Bohol: A travellers paradise

Typically, After relaxing from my flight a few days, I’m ready for some island hopping.
Bohol is a slight journey from Cebu but once you arrive, It is well worth the trip.
After getting checked in, I’m ready for a full day on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sand, swaying palm trees, Crystal clear water…This is indeed a true paradise.

Lose Weight Set3 300x250 - Whether Your Chosen Destination Is Manila or Cebu City, It's More Fun In The Philippines!


The locals here are as friendly as can be and always helpful, Should you need directions finding restaurants or accommodations.
One can enjoy fishing and swimming to their heart’s content and snorkling in these pristine Waters provides an underwater experience in nature which is second to none.

Yes, Philippines is a land of such beauty and adventure, It will always be my home away from home.

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