Packing for Your next trip is now easier than ever

So you have decided on the perfect vacation. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, Check out these suggestions which will ensure that you get the most of your next journey.

1. Dress accordingly

Whether it is a trip to attend a seminar, close a major business deal or just to get away from it all and unwind, It is important to dress according the climate which you will be entering and staying, especially for an extended length of time.
If you are travelling a journey to a tropical environment, Its not a good idea to pack shoes anđ socks. The only time I would suggest doing so is when there is an event planned which requires formal attire, Such as a business meeting, seminar or wedding.

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2. How long will you be staying?

This is an important question that one needs to ask themselves because we don’t want to over pack and have the extra burden of carrying heavy luggage around if it’s not needed, Right?

I have been on trips where I have observed fellow Travelers who admitted after the vacation that they have not even used half of the items they packed. In Fact, I myself used to do this in the beginning until I found a much smarter way of packing. Since that time all of my Journeys have been alot more fun
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3. Stick to the basics

As far as clothing goes, The the best way to avoid overpacking is to Simply count the amount of days that you will be at your destination and then consider what your activities will be and fold one set of garments for each activity. I like to stack them in order according what my plans are. For example: Dressing to meet with friends for breakfast, a mid morning walk on the , Then after returning to my hotel room. Then after a shower, I will get dressed to have lunch in the hotel restaurant. Of course later, It will be time to prepare for going out in the evening. I really enjoy vacationing in tropical climates most because casual attire is totally acceptible. Usually, When visiting a country such as the Philippines, it’s the only way to be comfortable in such humid conditions.

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4. Be prepared

We must remember that there are certain differences in weather to which we may not be accustomed. These include: Snow, Heavy rains, and Extreme heat and humidity.

I recall my first time visiting Arizona. At the time of my departure, The temperature here in Houston Texas was in the 60s, which is relatively cool and comfortable weather. Not knowing any better, I assumed it would be ok to go just as I was. Within only a couple of hours of landing in Phoenix Arizona, I was desperately searching for stores which sold shorts, sleeveless shirts and sandles. Believe me, This is all that the locals wear whenever possible. In fact, I remember while visiting one of the local supermarkets in Tempe (Where our resort was located) and even though it was 1:00am, Many shoppers were still wearing swimwear.
Yes, It was quite interesting, To say the least. You have to keep in mind though, The temperature at 1 a.m. there was still well into the 90s.

Also, Certain countries such as in some parts of Africa and Southeast Asia have what is called Monsoon. This is a Season each year when heavy rains are most unpredictable and can last for several days. This goes on for months at a time.
So, It’s important to always consider the weather and prepare accordingly by taking along rain protective clothing.

 5. Allow easy access to personal items

While packing for your next journey, It’s always a good idea to make good use of the various pouches and sections with in your luggage. this can save you a lot of time and frustration when you quickly
need something from inside of one of your bags.

For example: following a long flight, You will certainly want to freshen up a bit before heading into the immigration office at the airport to get your passport stamped. This being the case, I always have a small bag or even a plastic ziplock containing necessary items for personal hygiene that I can access quickly. Everyone has different needs, But in my case, It’s my shaving kit, Etc (because after a 30 hour flight, I want to at least look presentable), My own bar of soap and washcloth or disposable wipes, roll on, toothbrush, etc.
The idea is to have whatever you need, Easily accessible.

These are a few simple ideas which can help you to be more organized and
save time,Thus making your next vacation much more enjoyable.