A truly diverse city with so much to offer

One of my favorite places to visit is and always will be San Francisco, California. this city is rich in history and has a large variety of cultures to explore.Though it is located in the United States, San francisco has many small communities made up of people from almost every nation. For example, One can find some of the best Asian cuisine available in communities such chinatown.

Here, Shoppers can find many imports at great prices

If shopping is your fancy, There are plenty of shops and stores which offer beautiful handmade imports and decorative items. I purchased a large handmade rug in one such shop at a fraction of what the price would be if I was to buy it elsewhere. There is also a large selection of unique handmade jewelry to browse.

There is also a huge selection of fashionable clothing As well as many decorative items for the home. Because there are so many private vendors from which to choose, Haggling for is quite acceptable and common to see.
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You wont want to miss these historic attractions

One very popular tourist attraction which I must mention is the famous Fisherman’s Wharf. It is well known because it is the location of pier 39 (Which also had a well known Historical background), The Wax Museum and of course, The world famous Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. By the way, Though there might be a line to wait in, All of these attractions are quite worth checking out and very interesting, Especially if you are a fan of famous historical events.

Nearby, There Is the floating Forbes Island Restaurant, Which is Located between Pier 39 and Pier 41. This popular spot is known for serving exquisite cuisine, Such as calamari salad, flatiron steak with mustard-cognac sauce and other the favorite dishes, It is the only “Floating Island” restaurant within the bay area.

People come from all over the world to view the astonishing Golden Gate Bridge. It is truly an amazing piece of architecture which will leave you staring in awe of it’s beauty. Tip: The best time to see this magnificent structure is in the late evening while the Sun is setting. It is at that time that one can experience it’s true beauty while the lights are being turned on. As the sky darkens, Its true brilliance it seen like never before.
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If you find yourself vacationing near northen California, Be sure to put San Francisco on your list.This is a trip which one will always want to remember, So dont forget your camera!